Think Traffic is already bad?

Traffic consultants calculate the new towns will generate between 16,000 and 20,000 extra southbound vehicle trips along the A6 towards Bedford every day and over 10,000 extra movements northbound towards Rushden. It is estimated that there will be approximately 2000 extra vehicles per peak hour into Bedford.*

The additional traffic will seriously impact the already congested roads in Bedford town, particularly Brickhill, Harpur, De Parys and Putnoe. 

In addition, 2,000 more homes are planned in Rushden and a new Aldi is being built at the Clapham roundabout.

Bedford, the A6 and our other roads DO NOT have the capacity to accommodate the Mayor’s New Towns. 

Further development on this massive scale will increase the congestion.  Traffic will only get worse for all of Bedford’s residents.

*Source: “Bedford New Settlements, SITE OPTIONS APPRAISAL”, prepared by JMC Consultants Ltd for Bedford Borough Council, November 2017